Ego Custom Metal Manufacturing 



Egos diverse array of metal fabrication and machining capabilities can provide a one-stop service for all your needs, we have numerous experienced engineers who are capable of leading your project through from design and drafting, rapid prototyping to final volume production, this sets us apart from most other manufacturing companies in the industry today!





Prototype Manufacturing   Precision CNC Machining   Wire EDM
Welding   Cutting   Stamping
Investment Casting   Surface Finish   Assembly & Packaging



When it comes to metal fabrication capabilities, Ego Manufacturing Group is unmatched. For over 25 years, Ego has been building and refining our state-of-the-art welding service services, precision cutting service and stamping & punching to produce the best possible parts in the most efficient way for your industry. Through the years, we’ve been able to add to and upgrade our service offerings to meet the evolving needs of our customer base and stay one step ahead of our competitors. 

To meet all your metal fabrication and metal assembly needs, we also equipped with the capability of precision CNC machining as a secondary process for metal work and investment casting parts.