Welding Capabilities for Metal Fabrications & Stamped Metal


Ego Manufacturing Group offers a variety of welding services & welded assemblies to complement our cnc machining, metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication operations. Ego manufacturing group’s welding capabilities consist of MIG welding, TIG welding & spot welding. 


Ego employs experienced welders, certified welders and robotic welders. This combination of expertise and accuracy means that we can consistently provide you with top-quality welded parts. From simple spot-welds to complex assemblies, we can produce quality weldments in aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel.



Welding Services and Capabilities


We welcome all welding metal fabrication orders from small, single-part orders to large assemblies and multiple-run parts.

Our welding services include two robotic welders along with 24 welding stations and 4 multiple axis positioners as well as on-site Certified Welding Inspector. Our team holds numerous welding certifications to ensure our customers receive top quality welding and metal fabrication.

At Ego Manufacturing Group, we invest in our customers by investing in our equipment and craftsmen. Our capabilities and equipment include:


1. Robotic Welder 


a. Fanuc Robotics assembly powered by Lincoln Electric PowerWave 455M/SST
b. Motoman MA3100 Master Arc welding robot
c. Mulitple Axis Positioners
d. Touch-Sensing & Seam-Tracking
e. Aluminum, Carbon Steel, and Stainless Steel capable


2. 24 Welding Stations & 4 Multiple Axis Positioners capable of supporting up to 30,000 lbs


3. On-site AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (2) and AWS Certified Welding Supervisor


4. Surface finish such as powder coating, painting, laser marking, hot dip galvanizing, plating…



Welded Assemblies


When it comes to welded metal assemblies, Ego knows that fabricating components is the first step of any project. Those fabricated components, such as stamped parts, machined parts & cut parts,  are most often welded, fastened, and assembled in unique ways.


We adapt our workspace to meet customer demands. An example of this is our dedicated welded assembly manufacturing cells. Once the components have been welded, these weldments are often powder coated and then assembled to a high level. We leverage a variety of lean manufacturing techniques. Our cross trained staff combined with work cells create a flexible welding assembly environment that can support a variety of fulfillment options. Our weldment capabilities include mechanical assembly and integration.


Whether the application calls for ESD grounding, foam insulation, weldment leak verification, or consigned customer components that get built into the welded assemblies, we flex to meet our customer’s needs. At Ego, we are an extension of the OEM production. 



We want to make your supply chain experience as efficient as possible. Producing the largest shippable compilation of components to our OEM ensures that quality is built in, lowers inventory transactions and carrying costs, and reduces the overall cost of the transaction. When working with our non-profit and for profit partners in assembly and logistics, we provide unparalleled service for kitting, packaging, labeling products, and more.


Ego is an industry leader in welded assemblies for custom products and your one-stop-shop for shaping the metal behind your brand.