Collaborative Design


Building on EGOs rich fabrication capabilities with collaborative design services.

A major value-add: We collaborate with you to provide optimized designs and better manufacturing options. Except collaborative design service, we also provide service like: mechanical 2D drafting, 3D modelling, reverse engineering, jigs and texture design and manufacturing service. 

We believe customer value comes from better solutions, reduced costs and improved quality and performance.



1. We dont just manufacture your products, we can help you make them better. Our consultative, collaborative design services begin from an interactive dialog, during which we can suggest design and manufacturing options. 

a. We actually look for ways in which customers can reduce costs. Everyone is interested in understanding how we can do that, and we have worked with customers to reduce manufactured costs by 23% and more through design changes. 
b. We have a track record for improving the performance characteristics of your products, like reducing weight, adding strength, and improving aesthetics. 



2. Our value-added collaborative design services match technology with ‘fit, form and function’ to help you achieve the best solution possible. 

a. We offer you the ability to scale with consistent quality across multiple production technologies. 
b. Our engineering support includes collaborative platforms to share, analyze, transfer, and convert information quickly, accurately and across borders. 



3. We share best design practices to deliver quantitative benefits and share cost saving with you based on our years experience in design and manufacturing in house. 

a. As an industry leader, we have the experience and expertise to share best practices with you. One cross-trained expertise always will lead the project from design to production. 
b. Who among your suppliers (besides Ego Manufacturing Group) is willing to credit design costs against production costs?



4.  Our customers benefit from certified performance across industry standards. As an operationally excellent business, you would expect us to be certified, and we are:

a. ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management Systems
b. ISO 16949 Certified Quality Management Systems
c. ISO 14001 Certified, Environment Management Systems



We focus on optimizing effectiveness and efficiency, and our design engineering team assists our customers to capture their design ideas and help to turn them into accurate drawings, proposals and technical plans for prototypes. Our design services include making recommendations on materials, design-assist and installation techniques, to take your great designs and enhance them into even better products!